033H is the daughter of Dr. H, who was featured in Episode 9, Plants Are Living Things, Too, Baby. She was one of the Vegim inhabitants of Planet Planta. After Dandy destroyed Code D, she and all other inhabitants on Planet Planta reverted back to normal plant form.


033H resembles like a large sprouting bulb with mobile roots. A yellow sprout crowns her body and her "eyes" are hidden by flaps are each side of her bulbous body. It is later revealed in the episode that her white body isn't her "body" but a seed coat hiding her purple cotyledon which further extend as roots for moving. This appearance makes her more like a germinating bean than a bulb-like alien.  

She reverted to a bulb like plant after Dandy "sabotaged" Code D's nest, her sprout having grown a small plant.

Personality and Relationships

033H has a hyperactive and eager personality, as opposed to her father's reserved and calm demeanor.

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