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A Merry Companion Is a Wagon in Space, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 5 Title Card.png
Episode 05
Air date February 1, 2014 (NA)
February 2, 2014 (JP)
Written By Ichirō Ōkouch
Previous Sometimes You Can't Live with Dying, Baby
Next The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby

A Merry Companion Is a Wagon in Space, Baby is the fifth episode of the Space Dandy anime.


Dandy captures a young orphan Gentooan girl named Adélie, who has the ability to transfer others' minds into puppets. When he returns to the Aloha Oe to deliver her to the alien registration center, he finds it has been towed away for a parking violation. To pay off the fine, Dandy brings Adélie on a days-long journey to the nearest registration center on the planet. Along the way, Adélie convinces Dandy to take a detour to an apartment to meet her grandfather, but finds it occupied by another tenant. That night, Dandy tells Adélie he is leaving her to go to the local Boobies, but secretly traces her grandfather through the tenant instead. The next day, he takes Adélie to the train station to meet her grandfather so she may live with him. However, Adélie mistakenly thinks Dandy is trying to abandon her and traps his mind in her stuffed penguin doll before storming off. She is soon caught by two vengeful alien hunters she had humiliated earlier, but Dandy (still in a penguin's body) and her grandfather rescue her. Adélie forgives Dandy and asks to join the Aloha Oe crew when she grows up, which Dandy promises.