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A World With No Sadness, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 21 Title Card.png
Episode 21
Air date August 23, 2014 (NA)
August 24,2014(JP)
Written By Shinichirō Watanabe
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A World with No Sadness, Baby is the twenty-first episode of the Space Dandy anime.


An unfortunate encounter with a dark nebula maroons Dandy on a mysterious planet called Planet Limbo populated by bizarre beings and even more bizarre environments. As he explores the strange landscape with a man named Ferdinand, Dandy scrambles to find a way back home. Dandy denies that sadness is an absent concept in this strange world of the seemingly dead, arguing that it is impossible for sadness and happiness to be entwined. Struggling with his memories of how he ended up on Planet Limbo, Dandy later meets a girl named Poe, who gives him an insightful look on life and death from her perspective of the planet.