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An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 24 Title Card.png
Episode 24
Air date September 13, 2014 (NA)
September 14, 2014(JP)
Written By Toh EnJoe
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An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby is the twenty-fourth episode of the Space Dandy anime.


At a mall, Dandy runs into his old flame Catherine, now a disembodied heart in a tesseract from a four-dimensional universe, and she seeks his help in finding a prince named Paul from a two-dimensional universe, which has entered the three-dimensional universe. Dandy reluctantly decides to help, considering that Paul dated Catherine after she left Dandy. Intrigued by the story about Catherine and Paul, Honey tags along to meet and marry Paul, but is disappointed to learn that he is just a blue rectangle with a yellow crown on top. It is then learned that Paul had brought the two-dimensional universe into the three-dimensional universe in the hope of getting Catherine back. Dandy figures out the secret of warping, which is really traveling through the space between universes. Meanwhile, Dr. Gel and Bea have crossed into the two-dimensional universe by accident, then into a one-dimensional universe, and finally into a zero-dimensional universe.