Massimo Volpe Massimo Volpe 26 November 2015


Hey can any admin help me out here?? I accidentally tagged the wrong character pages to species??? Please help ;-;  PLS dont kill me. aaa

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Massimo Volpe Massimo Volpe 24 November 2015

Comments Section

Hi guys, i just wanted to bring up the issue not being able to comment on any page on the wiki?? Idk, but it works for all the other fandom wikis I have joined.. so maybe if you guys could find something an enables the users to comment and discuss, that'd be really good. Thanks.

- Massimo Volpe

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Ultrasword210 Ultrasword210 22 July 2014

Chat (Just saying)

I'm there anyone on this wiki that goes onto the chat? (Just saying and wondering)

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Irovi Irovi 29 May 2014

computer malfunctions

Currently I'm unable to use certain and important features of this wiki (and tumblr) but I'd still like to be a part of discussions and edits. Its very frustrating. If you need to reach me, msg me eith your skype and I'll add you (I don't wanna post mine here where it can be found) or msg me on deviantart at Irovi.

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Manuke Manuke 20 May 2014

Dr. Gel's hairstyle without a hat

I found the images of Dr.Gel without a hat.

Space Dandy is now collaborating on a fashion project and these images are for it.

Looking at the second one, it seems that Dr.Gel has long toes.

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Manuke Manuke 5 May 2014


(test-post. it would be organized later.)
(based on Japanese ver.)

  • Fujiya NECTAR[1,2,8,10] (product)
  • Heineken beer[2,8]? (product)
  • Kirin LAGER BEER[8] (product)
  • Jack Daniel[10]
  • Suntory JUHYŌ[10] (product)
  • Ray's classic[2], Loy's classic[10]
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Awyman13 Awyman13 30 March 2014

Season 2 Starts July 2014

Episode 13, Even a Vacuum Cleaner Can Love, Baby, is the season 1 finale of Space Dandy. Season 2 had been confirmed to start in July 2014 but until then Toonami will rewind the season back to episode 1 next week. -- 04:12, March 30, 2014 (UTC)

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Awyman13 Awyman13 4 February 2014

Whats in Store for Our Hero?

Now what do you think is in store for our hero, Space Dandy? Will he finally figure out he is being hunted? Will he fullfill his lifelong dream to visit allow Boobies in the Universe? Voice your opinion below!

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