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Crusher Girl is one of the main competing racers in Episode 7. 

She appears to be something of an exhibitionist as her outfit is quite revealing and she seems to have no restraint posing in many suggestive manners while in front of the large crowd when introduced.


Crusher Girl wears a revealing outfit. She has blue skin and green eyes.


  • Although Crusher Girl speaks in an alien language, if you study the subtitles (for example, with close captioning) you will find she speaks English backwards.
    • Her first speaking lines when introduced before the race roughly translate to "The secret is under the skirt."
    • Her second set of speaking lines after Dandy grapples onto her machine roughly translate to "What the hell.  Who?  Get off my ass pig!  I'll crush your face!"
    • Her third and final speaking segment after the pit stop roughly translates to "Not them again."
  • Her pit stop crew appears to be many women dressed in bunny-girl like outfits.
  • The tentacle-like appendages on the back of her head appear to be a reference to the Twi'Lek species from Star Wars.