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Dandy's Day in Court, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 25 Title Card.png
Episode 25
Air date September 20, 2014 (NA)
September 21, 2014(JP)
Written By Dai Satō
Previous An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby
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Dandy's Day in Court, Baby is the twenty-fifth episode of the Space Dandy anime.


In an intergalactic courtroom, Dandy is accused of murdering a Lumetian named Guy Reginald by striking him using a baseball just before his wife Rose Reginald returned home. The baseball actually belongs to a boy from Planet Turbo named Hiroshi, who claims that he was playing baseball with his friend Jack, but the baseball suddenly landed in Planet Suburbia. Jaicro Empire scientist Professor Duran explains that the baseball emitted traces of Pyonium energy, which caused it to transport through time and space. Although Rose is later accused of the murder, Duran believes that the Pyonium energy reacted to someone's murderous intent. The jury unanimously agrees that this came from Hiroshi, who was furious that Jack blocked him as a friend online. The judge clears Rose of all charges by revealing that Guy is a professional wrestler who was simply knocked unconscious by the baseball. It is shown that Dandy was asleep the entire time during his trial. The Aloha Oe crew exits the courthouse, only to be surrounded by the Gogol Empire armed forces.