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Even a Vacuum Cleaner Can Love, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 13 Title Card.png
Episode 13
Air date March 29, 2014 (NA)
March 26, 2014(JP)
Written By Dai Sato

Even a Vacuum Cleaner Can Love, Baby is the thirteenth episode and the season one finale of the Space Dandy anime.


The episode begins with the narrator explaining that he will relate how the previous 23 days led to an artificial intelligence imbued robot to drink coffee. Visiting planet Deathroid QT falls in love with Maker, a female coffee making robot and seeks her affections over the course of the following few days, buying bags of coffee to bring back to the ship despite not drinking coffee himself. The coffee shop is closed and she is taken away by the authorities as part of a recall of robots with emotions. QT, desperate to find his love allows himself to be hauled away onto a junkyard barge and finds out that outdated robots from all over the planet are sent there. He meets an outdated toaster robot at a party who claims that he's just in time for the start of an anti-human revolution. After finding Maker, QT narrowly avoids being absorbed by Toaster's massive doomsday device robot which immediately sets out to wipe out the inhabitants of Deathroid. Seeing Maker cry over the loss of another robot she had known at the coffee shop QT realizes that she loves another and he sets out to stop the giant robot for her. When QT begs Toaster to stop the giant robot critically damages him and smashes him to the ground. A convenient blast from a malfunctioning Gogol superweapon fills QT with immense amounts of pyonium energy turning him into a massive version of himself. QT battles the giant robot in Deathroid City and eventually destroys it. The narrator wonders whether it was just pyonium responsible for the change or whether the emotion "love" had something to do with it. QT returns to his life as a vacuum cleaner with Dandy and Meow and sips a mug of coffee, shorting himself out.


  • This is the first episode of Space Dandy to air in Japan, it's original country, before the English dub aired.
  • The Funimation title is slightly altered to read "Even Vacuum Cleaners Fall In Love, Baby".