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Gentooans are a race of humanoid beings with antennas that have the ability to temporarily transfer the minds of living beings into dolls. They are currently an unregistered species and as such the Registration Center has offered an 8 million woo-long reward to any alien hunter who can deliver to them a Gentooan for registration.


Gentooans are human-like in appearance and can have either light or tan skin, but they do posses several unique characteristics, such as having green eyes with horizontally slit pupils, two long green antennas growing from the back of their heads and a few green spots on parts of their bodies, such as their backs and heads.


Gentooans live their lives spread out across the cosmos and separated from others of their kind, preferring to live in small family units. They do this out of fear believing that if they lived together in large groups they could be easy to find and hence be abducted by evil individuals that would misuse their ability for nefarious purposes. It appears that all Gentooans (or the few seen so far) always carry with them a special doll which they use to imprison the minds of potential hunters who would do them harm.


All Gentooans posses the ability to transfer the minds of others into harmless dolls by placing one of their antennas on the victim's head and another antenna on the doll. However, the effects of the mind transfer are only temporary lasting only 666 seconds and after a Gentooan uses this ability they are unable to use it again until a whole day has passed. While most victims are typically too embarrassed to do anything after their mind has been transfered, some, such as Dandy can overcome this and move around.

Known Gentooans[]

  • Adélie
  • Adélie's Grandfather
  • Adélie's Mother (Deceased)