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I'm Never Remembering You, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 11 Title Card.png
Episode 11
Air date March 15, 2014 (NA)
March 16, 2014 (JP)
Written By Toh Enjoe
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I'm Never Remembering You, Baby is the eleventh episode of the Space Dandy anime.


The trio attempt to register a memory-altering alien, only to find that they've been manipulated into rescuing and returning her to her home planet.


Scarlet who was impatient tells Dandy to show what is inside the red box, but Dandy tells her that if Scarlet picks opens the red box they will forget about what is inside. Dandy fighting her and the box falls down.


Dandy: What'd I just tell you, babe? You can't open it cause if you do, we're gonna forget what's inside?