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I Can't Be the Only One, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 14 Title Card.png
Episode 14
Air date June 15, 2014 (NA)
June 21, 2014 (JP)
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I Can't Be the Only One, Baby is the fourteenth episode and the season two premiere of the Space Dandy anime.


There's a Dandy in every universe, and Space Dandy is about to meet them all! He just needs to pull the nearest Cosmic String, and he'll find himself face-to-face with himself.

After another failed attempt from Dandy to deceive her, Scarlet suggests to him that he and his friends look for another career.

While discussing the matter, Dandy pulls a strange string sticking out from his hair that drags them to an alternate dimension where they find alternate versions of themselves that seem to be far more skilled alien hunters than they are, including Honey who seemed to idolize skilled hunter version Dandy. They are quickly attacked because they thought that the crew is undiscovered aliens, until the crew managed to get away by pulling a mysterious string on QT.

Soon after, they are pulled in another dimension where Dandy is a space trucker and Meow and QT his traveling partners. Following that, the original trio keeps pulling mysterious strings that bring them to several other dimensions, always meeting alternate versions of themselves, until one of the alternate Dandies asks him to bring him and his friends to their own dimension. The original Dandy and his friends return home, but accidentally bring all the other versions of Dandy, QT, and Meow with them.

As more alternate selves appear at the Aloha Oe, strange events start occurring in their own dimension. The alternate Dandies, QTs and Meows keep increasing since they're keep pulling the popping out cosmic strings, even the Narrator also had his alternate version of him. Dandy finally try to solve by discussing until it stopped by a gloomy Dandy and his stranger Meow and QT, Dandy decides to fix things by burning the cosmic strings that linked their dimensions, and all incarnations of Dandy, QT, and Meow returned to their own dimensions, except for the gloomy Dandy and his friends who have replaced the original crew in their own dimension. 

During the routine, Brown Meow says that he will be the greatest cat, until then, Meow impatiently tells other Meow that he is not a cat. In the end, the planet was once again saved.


  • This episode contradicts the overall existence of the Narrator, as according to the final episode the Narrator transcends all known dimensions of time and space. Meaning there is only one actual narrator for the entire series.