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Season 1[]

No  Title Written by Japanese airdate English airdate
01 Live with the Flow, Baby

"Nagare Nagasarete Ikiru jan yo" (流れ流されて生きるじゃんよ)

Shinichiro Watanabe January 5, 2014 January 4, 2014
While out searching the galaxies for his next paycheck, Dandy and QT make a trip to "BooBies", Dandy's favorite restaurant chain. While scoping out the other aliens, they meet Meow, whom they mistake for a "new species" of Betelgeusian. Shortly after a tussle at BooBies, Meow is taken aboard the ship and effectively "joins" the crew, sharing advice on where they can find rare alien life. Without realizing it, the three are being followed by Dr. Gel, whose superior Admiral Perry considers capturing Dandy the key to controlling the universe. The crew manage to escape pursuit when Meow foolishly engages their broken warp drive, coincidentally arriving at the planet Meow told them of. Dandy and Meow set foot on the planet to find it is inhabited by giant, vicious monsters. After a hectic chase leaves the two unable to return to their ship, Dandy absentmindedly has QT activate a "secret weapon" that obliterates the entire planet and everything on it, including the crew.
02 The Search for the Phantom Space Ramen, Baby

"Maboroshi no Uchū Rāmen o Sagasu jan yo" (幻の宇宙ラーメンを探すじゃんよ)

Dai Satō January 12, 2014 January 11, 2014
Dandy gets a tip fromMeow about a so-called "phantom ramen" that is supposedly made by an undiscovered species of alien. Taking his tip, the crew travels to the ramen galaxy, where many ramen stands gather and open up shop. Throughout the trip, Meow takes pictures of their travels and posts them online through his phone, inadvertently giving away their position to Dr. Gel, who sends his forces to capture Dandy. The crew narrowly dodges Gel's men, receiving aid from Scarlet, a receptionist at the alien registration center. They eventually reach a restaurant where Meow identifies the phantom ramen. He and Dandy step into the ramen machine to find an alternate dimension inhabited by a sole, elderly alien who runs his own stand. The two listen to the alien's moving story of how he became a ramen salesman before returning to their own dimension, Dandy asked the Ramen Alien if he wanted to join his crew, which he declined.
03 Occasionally Even the Deceiver Is Deceived, Baby

"Damashi Damasareru Koto mo Aru jan yo" (騙し騙される事もあるじゃんよ)

Kimiko Ueno January 19, 2014 January 18, 2014
Low on money and food, Dandy sets a course to the nearest BooBies to redeem a nearly expired point card. He abuses the warp drive to get there, and they crash land on an unknown planet where they meet a beautiful young woman named Mamitas. She claims to have crash landed on the planet as well, inviting Dandy and crew to use parts from her ship to fix theirs. However, they are warned by the inhabiting alien life that Mamitas is actually the planet's most fearsome alien, the Deathgerian. Later, the Deathgerian reveals itself and eats Meow. With the aid of the secret weapon aboard the Aloha Oe, a small cruiser ship that can transform into a fighting robot, and the rancid food left behind on the ship, Dandy and QT defeat the Deathgerian. They bring the shrunken alien to the registration center, where it is accepted by Scarlet. Dandy and QT revel in their new fortune, having forgotten about Meow. 
04 Sometimes You Can't Live with Dying, Baby

"Shinde mo Shini Kirenai Toki mo Aru jan yo" (死んでも死にきれない時もあるじゃんよ)

Kimiko Ueno January 26, 2014 January 25, 2014
Meow is bitten by a stiltonian zombie captured by the Aloha Oe crew and transforms into a zombie himself. Thinking he is merely sick, Dandy and QT admit Meow to a hospital where he begins biting the other patients and doctors overnight. Dandy and QT visit the hospital the next morning to find it completely overrun by zombies. QT is bitten and zombified (even though she is an robot) while Dandy escapes on a helicopter piloted by a zombie and is also bitten. Advised by the zombie alien they captured earlier to eat yogurt instead of raw meat, the crew adjust to their new undead state and go about their usual lives through Dandy's life insurance policy. After a failed effort by life insurance companies to control the undead population via zombie hunting, every living being and robot in the universe (including the show's narrator) eventually becomes a zombie. 
05 A Merry Companion Is a Wagon in Space, Baby

"Tabi wa Michizure Uchū wa Nasake jan yo" (旅は道連れ宇宙は情けじゃんよ)

Ichirō Ōkouch February 2, 2014 February 1, 2014
Dandy captures a young orphan Gentooan girl named Adélie, who has the ability to transfer others' minds into puppets. When he returns to the Aloha Oe to deliver her to the alien registration center, he finds it has been towed away for a parking violation. To pay off the fine, Dandy brings Adélie on a days-long journey to the nearest registration center on the planet. Along the way, Adélie convinces Dandy to take a detour to an apartment to meet her grandfather, but finds it occupied by another tenant. That night, Dandy tells Adélie he is leaving her to go to the local BooBies, but secretly traces her grandfather through the tenant instead. The next day, he takes Adélie to the train station to meet her grandfather so she may live with him. However, Adélie mistakenly thinks Dandy is trying to abandon her and traps his mind in her stuffed penguin doll before storming off. She is soon caught by two vengeful alien hunters she had humiliated earlier, but Dandy (still in a penguin's body) and her grandfather rescue her. Understanding Dandy's actions, Adélie asks to join the Aloha Oe crew when she grows up, which Dandy promises.
06 The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby

"Pantsu to Chokki no Sensō jan yo" (パンツとチョッキの戦争じゃんよ)

Michio Mihara (Story)
Dai Sato (Screenplay)
February 9, 2014 February 8, 2014
The Aloha Oe is attacked while passing through a no-fly zone around the destroyed planet Eden and makes an emergency landing on its surviving, barren moon. While exploring the surface, Dandy is captured by an Undie alien wearing only underwear while Meow is captured by a Vestian alien wearing only a vest. Trusting their captives for wearing similar clothing as them, the aliens reveal that their races have been at war for ten thousand years because the Undies do not tolerate vests while the Vestians abhor underwear, and now they are the only individuals left from each race. After fighting each other because of the aliens, Dandy and Meow convince the aliens to sign a peace treaty. However, according to galactic law, both aliens are obliged to relinquish their most prized possession, their clothing, to the other to seal the treaty. Unable to do so, the aliens fight each other to the death. Before passing away, both aliens fire weapons of mass destruction to obliterate the moon. Dandy and Meow manage to escape the moon when QT tosses a space surfboard for them to surf their way out over the debris.
07 A Race in Space Is Dangerous, Baby

"Uchū Rēsu wa Denjarasu jan yo"(宇宙レースはデンジャラスじゃんよ)

Kimiko Ueno February 16, 2014 February 15, 2014
Dandy enters an intergalactic grand prix to impress the ladies at his favorite restaurant. Dandy resorts to a lot "last resort" tricks to catch up with Prince until his mecha pod ran out of fuel. Having ran out of fuel, Meow replaces with a mixture of seemingly odd substances while Squeak plants a bomb underneath. This combination would be later triggers an explosion which sent Dandy ricocheting into the far future of several billions of years where he saw a Buddha version of himself.
08 The Lonely Pooch Planet, Baby

"Hitoribotchi no Wankoboshi jan yo" (一人ぼっちのワンコ星じゃんよ)

Keiko Nobumoto February 23, 2014 February 22, 2014
Dandy and his crew landed on a junkyard planet which seemingly consisted of only scrap metal and trash. While QT and Meow busied themselves. Dandy finds a dog and names it Pup. However, Pup died shortly after. A heartbroken Dandy builds a rocket to give Pup a space burial. During the events, Meow unknowing became the host of the Le Flea brothers which later ended up the deaths of the space fleas. The aliens's demise also caused the scrap planet to collapse and form a black hole. The crew warped away to safety, as Dr. Gel's ship appeared in the same time as they left and got pulled into the black hole.
09 Plants Are Living Things, Too, Baby

"Shokubutsu Datte Ikiteru jan yo" (植物だって生きてるじゃんよ)

Shinichiro Watanabe March 2, 2014 March 1, 2014
QT teleports Dandy and Meow onto Planet Planta, a planet inhabited solely by sentient plants, in search of a rumored rare alien known as "Code D". QT 's tinkering with the transporter sends Dandy to the planet's northern hemisphere populated by the cerebral Vegims, while Meow is caught by the tribal Movies in the southern hemisphere. With the aid of the Vegim Dr. H and his daughter 033H, Dandy traverses the planet's psychedelic landscape to the north pole where Code D is located. There he discovers the "alien" is actually a meteorite that caused the planet's flora to evolve into intelligent beings. Dandy's attempt to remove the stone inadvertently causes all the plants to regress into non-sentient organisms. He returns to the Aloha Oe along with Meow, who had been fattened up by the Movies intent on eating him.
10 There's Always Tomorrow, Baby

"Ashita wa Kitto Tumorō jan yo" (明日はきっとトゥモローじゃんよ)

Kimiko Ueno March 9, 2014 March 9, 2014
After the Aloha Oe becomes damaged, the crew are forced to make a landing on Meow's home planet, which he dislikes for being boring and uneventful. They are greeted by Meow's family, who take them in while their ship is repaired. That night, the calendar in Meow's house is struck by a wayward blast of Pyonium energy sparked from a battle between the Gogol and Jaicro Empires, causing the events of that day to endlessly repeat themselves in a time loop. On the 108th loop, the crew realize what has happened and determine that, since they will not be able to leave until tomorrow comes, they must turn Meow's calendar to break the loop. The calender proves virtually indestructible, so they turn to Meow's metalworker father for help, and he successfully rips off the date with his screw-making machine, breaking the loop. The crew leave on the newly repaired Aloha Oe, Meow realizing how much he loves his home planet after reliving it countless times.
11 I'm Never Remembering You, Baby

"Omae o Nebā Omoidasenai jan yo" (お前をネバー思い出せないじゃんよ)

Toh Enjoe March 16, 2014 March 15, 2014
Dr. Gel is so busy trying to figure about Pyonium that Admiral Perry has to put Bea in charge of the 7th Gogol Fleet to destroy Planet Lagado, for asking the admiral a fine on a book past due. Meanwhile, the Aloha Oe crew bring a red box to the alien registration center, believing it to contain a rare alien. They have no memory of how they acquired the box, only knowing that they will not remember what is inside once it is opened. The box accidentally opens to reveal a book that was checked out by Admiral Perry from Planet Lagado. The crew also finds a complimentary ticket for a free trip to Planet Lagado inside the book. When they arrive at the planet, they are transported to the surface by its resident aliens, who greet the book and ticket as their librarian and deputy librarian, respectively. The book and ticket are revealed to be aliens that record information on their bodies and take control of others' minds, having manipulated the crew rescue themselves from the Gogol Empire, explaining their failure to recall the event. At the same time, Dr. Gel managed to complete his reasearch before it was claimed by Alethia and was summarily vapourized by the Planet Lagado's defenses. Alethia feels sorrowful and gives the crew another red box as a gift for their help, warning them not to open it early, before wiping their memories again. The crew bring the box to the registration center, where it opens to reveal a videotape that also manipulates others' memories, starting an intergalactic war involving other video and computer storage devices that goes unrecorded in history.
12 Nobody Knows the Chameleon Alien, Baby

"Dare mo Shiranai Kamereon-seijin jan yo" (誰も知らないカメレオン星人じゃんよ)

Kimiko Ueno March 23, 2014 March 22, 2014
Scarlet becomes fed up with the costs of paying Dandy's bounties for petty aliens, and challenges him to capture a Chameleonian, a rare alien with the ability to mimic any creature or object's appearance. The Aloha Oe crew unknowingly happen upon the creature on a fishing spree and bring their catch aboard their ship, where it begins impersonating the crew to outwit them and evade capture. Eventually the crew encounter the Chameleonian in the form of Dandy and, unable to tell the real Dandy apart from the imposter, put them through a series of questions only Dandy can answer. However, the Chameleonian becomes so adept in acting like Dandy that it comes to truly believe itself to be him, making the two indistinguishable. The Chameleonian stays with the crew in Dandy's form until it is caught by Dr. Gel and impersonates him, causing the doctor to succumb to Gestaltzerfall as he questions who he is, leaving QT and Meow to ponder whether the remaining Dandy is real or not.
13 Even a Vacuum Cleaner Can Love, Baby

"Sōjiki Datte Koisuru jan yo" (掃除機だって恋するじゃんよ)

Dai Sato March 26, 2014 (TV Osaka) March 29, 2014
The Aloha Oe crew patron a coffee shop where QT falls in love with a coffeemaker named Maker. QT visits the shop each day and befriends Maker, also meeting her co-worker, Register. One day, QT arrives to find that Maker and Register have been recalled to a seaborne landfill as they have begun exhibiting emotions, causing them to malfunction. QT sneaks into the landfill and, after a week's search, reunites with Maker at a rave party where other discarded appliance robots, including Register, are planning a revolution against their human creators. Seeing Maker watch heartbrokenly as Register converges with the other robots to operate a giant mech and attack a nearby city, QT realizes Maker is in love with Register and heads off to stop him. After being shot down by the mech, QT is struck by a wayward blast of Pyonium energy from one of Dr. Gel's experiments, enlarging him to gargantuan size and allowing him to dismantle the mech. He then returns to the Aloha Oe and drinks a cup of coffee that Maker had prepared for him earlier, causing him to short circuit.

Season 2[]

No  Title Written by Japanese airdate English airdate
14 I Can't Be the Only One, Baby Kimiko Ueno July 6, 2014 July 5, 2014
There's a Dandy in every universe, and Space Dandy is about to meet them all! He just needs to pull the nearest Cosmic String, and he'll find himself face-to-face with himself.
15 There's Music in the Darkness, Baby Keiko Nobumoto July 13, 2014 July 12, 2014
After a big fight with QT and Meow, Dandy is lured to the distant planet of an extremely rare, ukulele-playing alien that wants to turn him into a statue - and steal his smile forever!
16 Slow and Steady Wins the Race, Baby Masaaki Yuasa July 20, 2014 July 19, 2014
Thanks to a nifty, handheld teleportation device, Dandy and Meow get mixed up with a fishy little alien whose planet is teetering on the brink of obliteration!
17 The Transfer Student is Dandy, Baby Hayashi Mori July 27, 2014 July 26, 2014
In order to capture a rare alien species, Dandy goes undercover at a glamorous high school where popularity is determined by your ability to sing and dance!
18 The Big Fish is Huge, Baby Kiyotaka Oshiyama August 3, 2014 August 2, 2014
Dandy and the gang take up fishing in the hopes of capturing an extremely rare alien fish with a massive bounty, but to land this prized catch, they're gonna need a bigger boat!
19 The Gallant Space Gentleman, Baby Keiko Nobumoto August 10, 2014 August 9, 2014
When Dr. Gel and Bea kidnaps his favorite BooBies girl Honey, Dandy joins forces with a suave and sophisticated alien in a dashing attempt to save the day and collect a big bounty!
20 Rock 'n' Roll Dandy, Baby Kimiko Ueno August 17, 2014 August 16, 2014
Dandy and a new friend decide to start a legendary rock group, but it’s hard to write a hit song when you can't stop arguing over band names and t-shirt designs!
21 A World with No Sadness, Baby Shinichiro Watanabe August 24, 2014 August 23, 2014
When an unfortunate encounter with a dark nebula maroons Dandy on a mysterious planet populated by bizarre beings, the legendary bounty hunter scrambles to find his ticket out of limbo!
22 We're All Fools, So Let's All Dance, Baby Keiko Nobumoto August 31, 2014 August 30, 2014
Dandy and his crew head to Planet Grease for a legendary party, only to find themselves walking the streets of a ghost town. Luckily, Dandy’s got the booty that launched a thousand dance parties!
23 Lovers Are Trendy, Baby Kimiko Ueno September 7, 2014 September 6, 2014
Dandy’s dead broke, so he agrees to pose as Scarlett’s boyfriend in exchange for some cold hard cash. Does true love stand a chance when you’re paying your date?
24 An Other-Dimensional Tale, Baby Toh EnJoe September 14, 2014 September 13, 2014
Dandy must confront a painful memory from his past when a four-dimensional ex-girlfriend shows up looking for help avoiding the bounty hunter’s two-dimensional former rival!
25 Dandy's Day in Court, Baby Dai Sato September 21, 2014 September 20, 2014
A seemingly-harmless trip to Boobies ends with Dandy on trial for the murder of a very rare alien. When his friends are called to testify, the situation goes from bad – to worse!
26 The Neverending Dandy, Baby Shinichiro Watanabe September 28, 2014 September 27, 2014
Dr. Gel finally captures Dandy, which sparks an ultra-destructive space war that could end the universe. Meanwhile, Honey and Scarlet team up with QT and Meow to save their favorite bounty hunter!