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The Little Aloha is the escape/mecha pod hidden under Aloha Oe's prow. It first appeared in Episode 3: "Occasionally Even the Deceiver Is Deceived, Baby." While serving as a primary means of escape if the Aloha Oe suffers too much damage, its most notable feature is the ability to transform into the Hawaii Yankee ( ハワヤンキー Hawayankī ), a combat-capable humanoid robot.


In its normal mode, the Little Aloha resembles a classic American car.

While in Hawaii Yankee mode, the robot sports a pompadour above the control pulpit, a Hawaiian shirt motif for the body. The Little Aloha's propulsion systems and engines form its legs. The Hawaii Yankee has fully articulated arms ending with quad gripping hands.


The Little Aloha can transform into Hawaii Yankee, a bipedal robot. This gives the pilot a much needed boost of strength to deal with bigger problems. It also has remarkable speed in both forms.