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Lovers Are Trendy, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 23 Title Card.png
Episode 23
Air date September 6, 2014 (NA)
September 7, 2014 (JP)
Written By Kimiko Ueno
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Lovers Are Trendy, Baby is the twenty-third episode of the Space Dandy anime.


Scarlett makes a deal with Dandy to pose as her boyfriend in hopes for her ex-boyfriend Dolph to stop stalking her. She offers Dandy 750 woolongs per hour, fascinating QT and Meow. Dandy and Scarlet head to Planet Trendy to do various activities together for one week, spending time at a ski resort, a beach and a fireworks festival, but Dolph keeps spying on Scarlet from a distance. When Dandy accidentally destroys Scarlet's insured house, he finds out that she collects martial arts movies just like he does. After that, they spend time at a pool bar, an outer garden street and a movie theater. At a summer colony, Dandy finally confronts Dolph and then proceeds to kiss Scarlet. Due to his reckless actions, Dolph is sent to jail and is given a restraining order. Feeling disheartened despite being paid by Scarlet, Dandy rushes to see her at a café bar. They both unknowingly miss each other and walk their separate ways without noticing. The next day, Scarlet refuses to register an alien that Dandy captures, but it is hinted that they may have developed feelings for each other.