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Machinians are extremely tiny aliens that were featured in episode 8. Pup was revealed to have been carrying them after it was discovered that Meow was now the carrier. They are similar to fleas in physiology but are humanoid in appearance. The only known Machinians are Graviton and Gravitito, the Le Flea brothers (ノ・ミラー兄弟 No Mirā Kyōdai). They may had originated from Planet Machinia or simply ferried by another host.


Machinians are roughly the size of a flea. Aside from having human heads, their bodies are green and transparent with visible bones and organs, consisting of a basic skeletal frame and a "heart" shaped heart.


Machinians resemble fleas in regard, and hide in the hair of creatures. Jumping from Pup to Meow was relatively easy with their powerful legs. They can also hack and pilot machines, true to their names as the remaining brother "piloted" QT to seek revenge on Dandy for "combing" his hair, which killed the other brother.

It also hinted they might be responsible for meddling with Pup's life, as they know she is dying and the dog did wind up dying shortly before the brothers hopped onto Meow.

It was also revealed that the Machinians were the ones keeping the Planet Machinia together. Upon perishing, the planet soon fell apart and collapsed into a black hole.


  • The Machinians are somewhat depicted as sterotype Native Americans with their comments over land and the spirits.
  • To tell them apart, the younger brother has a more pronounced chin.
  • It would seem they need a vessel to survive, due to the vulnerability of their size
  • They seem to have the ability to extend an organism's life span, opposite to a flea that would normally shorten it by exposing the organism to diseases