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Mamitas (マミタス Mamitasu) is a Deathgerian who Dandy and the crew encounter being chased by Ragians on an unknown planet which they find themselves on from trying to get to the nearest BooBies on Galaxy Mexico District 3. She purportedly landed to the planet by attempting to warp after a shopping trip, getting "caught in a space-time distortion".


In her human form, Mamitas has dark eyes and past shoulder-length blonde hair that is choppy at the front. She fashions two pigtails at the back. On the side of her head is a small frilly bonnet-like hat. She also sports a black choker. She wears a tight stripy top with what appears to be an under-bust corset that is also frilly, and low riding shorts.

In her Deathgerian form, Mamitas is a giant, wormlike creature covered in mouths and breasts. She apparently is of variable size when in this form - Dandy was able to carry her in a glass jar once she was defeated.

Personality and Relationships[]

Mamitas presents herself as the archetypal 'damsel in distress'. She finds Meow and Dandy very funny when they are trying to garner her attention; they both fall for her immediately, much to QT's confusion. She will apparently eat anything and anyone, but like anyone else, she will not eat expired space food.

Abilities and Powers[]

Mamitas is a Deathgerian; "an alien which has topped the list of Aliens I Don't Want To Be Eaten By for 12 straight years", according to Bea. An extremely scary alien, it devours every living organism it comes across. Her fighting style is mainly melee and uses her size to her advantage by trying to squash the Aloha Oe and swinging her arms in punch-like motions.