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Meow's Dad (ミャウの父 Myau no Chichi) is the father of Meow and his siblings. He comes from a long line of metalworkers and runs a factory on Planet Betelgeuse, where he lives with his wife and kids. He and his wife weren't named yet.

Being the eldest son, Meow was expected to inherent the family business. As a child, Meow idolized his father and dreamed of becoming a great metalworker too. But when he got older, he realized he didn't want to be stuck in a monotonous life on Planet Betelgeuse. Despite being disappointed that his son no longer intended to follow in his footsteps, Meow's dad often bragged about Meow's life in space and reassured Meow that he supports his son's wishes.


  • While in a time loop, Meow spends some time working alongside his father and manages to create a badly warped screw. At the end of the episode, Meow's dad holds up the screw. It's not known how he still had the screw with him, since the day Meow made it had been reset.