Meow's Junior High Friends are old friends of Meow from his school days on Planet Betelgeuse. Neither of their names are mentioned.

Meow's friends were partly responsible for helping the Aloha Oe crew escape the time loop, by suggesting (with a rap) that they research the problem using "Wahoo Answers."

Appearances[edit | edit source]

The thinner of Meow's friends has pale orange fur with darker orange markings, the most notable of which is a large spot around his left eye. Out of all but two of the Betelgeusians seen so far, he wears glasses (along with Meow's brother). For clothes, he wears a grey flat cap, a teal jacket, and dark blue Crocs. He also wears a messenger bag like Meow's, but slung around his right side.

The fatter of Meow's friends has cream fur with greyish brown markings, the most notable of which are on the ends of his antennae. He has very doleful eyes and an M-shaped mark on his forehead. For clothes, he wears a red beret, a yellow sarong, and dark green Crocs. He also wears a fanny pack the same way Meow wears his satchel.

Personalities[edit | edit source]

Meow's friends are about as active as he is but much less ambitious. They seem to spend most of their time snacking, loafing outside convenience stores, and playing video games.

The thinner one of the pair owns a flashy, "totally suped up" car and they both enjoy rapping.

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