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Pup (ワンコ Wanko) is a dog featured in Episode 8 that Dandy found on planet Machinia while searching for undiscovered aliens.

While hesitant of Dandy first, Pup soon became good friends with him. She stated she was happy to meet Dandy after he used his translator to understand her. Dandy asked her name, only for Pup to say she had long forgotten her name, leaving Dandy to rename her Pup.

After hours of playing with Dandy that day, Pup suddenly got tired and proceeded to lay down. When Dandy asked her what the matter was, she said her time with Dandy was nice as she thought all humans hated her much to Dandy's disbelief.

She then said she was happy now that it was the end and thanked Dandy for playing with her. She then told Dandy it wasn't his fault for what happened next as she calmly passed away.

Pup's passing left Dandy heart broken and surprisingly Meow as well who had actually been jealous of Dandy's time with Meow despite being originally hostile toward Pup. Dandy then decided he would build a rocket coffin for pup to give her an honorable funeral.

As the rocket spiraled through space, it is heavily implied that Pup is actually Laika, the Russian dog that was the first animal that had orbited Earth hundreds of years ago. The Narrator himself told of how he would like to have believed Pup was Laika.

After the funeral, it was later discovered that Pup had accidently given Meow space fleas.


Pup has beige fur, with a brown patch on her back and similiar for her head. She has deep brown ears.


  • Dandy stated that Pup's name was inspired by a dessert on the menu at BooBies
  • Pup is the first non-alien encounter in the series, aside from humans.
  • If Pup actually was Laika, it would explain why she thought humans hated her as she didn't know why she had been sent into space and somehow landed on Machinia
  • The Machinians may have prolonged Pups life extensively as her meeting with Dandy would have been hundreds of years after the American-Russian space race.
  • When Dandy apologized to Pup, he crouched down and bowed his head in a way of Japanese people.