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Planet Betelgeuse on the left.

A closer view of Betelgeuse.

Meow's House.

Betelgeuse is a planet. It's notable for being the home world of Betelgeusians and the known universe's largest consumer of dried fish flakes, according to Meow.

There are 65 billion registered Betelgeusians, it is assumed most of them actually live on Betelgeuse.


Betelgeuse is part of a binary planet system where it and another, much larger planet rotate near each other but in their own orbital paths. Betelgeuse is a rather small planet in comparrsion to its neighbor; QT referred to its neighbor as "normal-sized" and Betelgeuse as "the little guy."

Most of Betelgeuse's surface is covered in water.

Betelgeuse has an Earth-like atmosphere and climate. When the Aloha Oe crew got stuck in a time loop on Betelgeuse in July, the temperature was 27 degrees Celsius (80 degrees Fahrenheit).


  • Dandy and his crew spent 116 days on the planet in a time loop. They finally noticed on the 108th day with the aid of the Narrator, but it was until the day of 115 they took action.
  • According to Meow, the most interesting place on Betelgeuse (or at least his hometown) is the Jal-Mart. In the Japanese version, he instead says its the local JUSCO (ジャスコ Jasuko) mart, a real life chain of hypermarts found throughout east Asia.
  • The area of Betelgeuse seen in the episode appears to be based on rural Japan.

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