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Planet Planta is featured in Episode 9: Plants Are Living Things, Too, Baby.

Appearance and Inhabitants[]

Planet Planta resembles a sphere of tightly coiled planets. Its most notable feature is its colorful north hemisphere, which resembles the microbes present on the surface, as a result from Code D's presence. Each "microbe" is liken to a biodome, the dome walls prevents fauna within the domes from transversing to other domes.

The planet's inhabitants are made of giant plants and plant aliens. The notable species are the intelligent Vegim who occupy the north pole of the planet, and the less brighter Movies who live in the south. Planet Planta too, has its own pests like huge caterpillars. They are probably the only fauna existed on the planet.

Planet Planta reverted to a ruddy planet with normal looking flora and plains after the deactivation Code D.


Planet Planta is the resting place for Code D, a mysterious rock from a meteor which crashed into the north hemisphere. It somehow rooted itself and started producing spores which brought most plants to sentience, giving some with extra intellect and locomotion. 


After Dandy destroyed Code D, the planet subsequently reverted back to normal along with all of its inhabitants.