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Ragians are featured in Occasionally Even the Deceiver Is Deceived, Baby.  They tried to warned Dandy about the Deathgerian present on the planet.


Save me ! Okay.

Ragians are bizarre, insectoid looking aliens. They have four eyes, one big and a smaller one on each stalk. On the head is an enormous oval shaped "mouth". The Ragians conceal their true mouth, which is little more than a mouth filled with sharp incisors and connected by a fleshy cord to the main body. They also have a multitude of arms, two "paws" hugging their heads, a grey spindly tentacle ending into five ends from a spiked protuberance from their backs. The rest are insectoid looking limbs. Ragians use their true mouth to converse.


While vicious looking, Ragians aren't as bad they look on the outside. They warned Dandy about the Deathgerian when he tried to shoot them (and failed, twice).