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Exterior shot of Screw Industry.

Screw Industry (螺旋工業 Rasen Kōgyō) is a metalworking factory on Betelgeuse owned and operated by Meow's Dad. According to the personalized plastic bins the factory uses, the company also goes by RK Ltd., R and K being the first letters of its name in romaji.

When Meow grew up, he was expected - as the eldest son of his family - to follow the family's traditional metalworking trade and take over the factory. Though he looked forward to it as a child, he later realized he didn't want to stay on Betelgeuse forever and left. Though Meow felt insecure about how his family felt about his decision, his father later expressed support for it.

Screw Industry's signature product.

Screw Industry seems to specialize in one specific product, a mysterious box-shaped device. Neither he nor his father know what the device is or what it's used for, but both assume it's "part of an appliance."