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The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby
Space Dandy Episode 6 Title Card.png
Episode 06
Air date February 8, 2014 (NA)
February 9, 2014 (JP)
Written By Michio Mihara (Story)
Dai Sato (Screenplay)
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The War of the Undies and Vests, Baby (パンツとチョッキの戦争じゃんよ Pantsu to Chokki no Sensō jan yo) is the sixth episode of the Space Dandy anime.


The crew come across two new alien species who are at war with each other.


The Aloha Oe is attacked while passing through a no-fly zone around the destroyed planet Eden and makes an emergency landing on its surviving, barren moon. While exploring the surface, Dandy is captured by an Undie alien wearing only underwear while Meow is captured by a Vestian alien wearing only a vest. Trusting their captives for wearing similar clothing as them, the aliens reveal that their races have been at war for ten thousand years because the Undies do not tolerate vests while the Vestians abhor underwear, and now they are the only individuals left from each race. After fighting each other because of the aliens, Dandy and Meow convince the aliens to sign a peace treaty. However, according to galactic law, both aliens are obliged to relinquish their most prized possession, their clothing, to the other to seal the treaty. Unable to do so, the aliens fight each other to the death. Before dying, both aliens fire weapons of mass destruction to obliterate the moon. Dandy and Meow manage to escape the moon when QT tosses a space surfboard for them to surf their way out over the debris.


  • This episode contains multiple references to the computer game Spore, most notably the planet's geysers and the appearance and untranslated voices of Vestians and Undies.
  • During the final fight, a passage of the song "Shanti Dance" by The Droids is played.