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The Undie (occasionally called "Undian") and Vestian are two of the last remaining species of their kinds that inhabit Planet Eden. They are unregistered aliens, hence an interest for Dandy's crew.


The Undie has a red crablike head, with stalk eyes on a more humanoid body, complete with long wiry arms. True to his deceased species, he proudly dons a pair of underpants with two blue stars. The Vestian is similar except in contrast to his hammerhead shark head and blue coloring. The Vestian wears a white vest with red stars printed on the front and back.

Personality and Relationships[]

Both the Undie and Vestian are stubborn and set in their ways regarding the superiority of each clothing items. Even when the crew try to engage in a peace conference between the two so they can "have some good times", they refuse and continue to fight and bicker.

Initially aggressive towards Dandy and Meow on first meeting them, upon discovering they fit with their ideals they are mutual with them.

Abilities and Powers[]

Both are skilled in flying their own armed airships, although are not very accurate when it comes to combat. They both have personal laser pistols stored in a hidden chest cavity, though their skill is using them are inadequate. They also own a trigger to their own Doomsday missile, which they planned to use it as a last resort vanquishing each other, and themselves included. The missiles are strong enough to destroy the very planet they battled on for so long, reducing to crumbles of space rock and debris.